Farada Group Ltd. offers services related to the conduct of highly precise inspections with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. The service includes the observation of hard-to-reach structures and vast areas with the use of advanced optoelectronic equipment installed on an unmanned platform. The solutions provided by the Farada Group guarantee an effective, low-cost and safe inspection process that does not stop or restrict the normal operation of the company.

The Farada Group offer is addressed to commercial customers who value high efficiency and effectiveness of operations. The proposed spectrum of services includes inspection and mapping of cell towers, cooling towers, oil and gas infrastructure, solar farms, wind farms, power lines, power plants, mines, road infrastructure, and inspection of building structures such as bridges, viaducts, dams, etc.

Unmanned platforms make it possible to conduct inspections in close proximity to the examined structures, also in an environment that is difficult to access or inaccessible to humans. Intelligent obstacle avoidance, mission planning and the ability to start operations from anywhere allow you to collect precise, comprehensive data without exposing the control team to risk.

The data collected from such inspections clearly shows cracks, delamination, damage, misplaced tubing, heat losses, leaks and other defects that traditional inspections with an inspection team cannot detect. Farada Group inspections allow for the collection of more comprehensive data without putting the inspection team at risk.

For inspection, unmanned aerial vehicles and optoelectronics manufactured by Farada Group Ltd. are used.