The companies of the Farada Group are constantly working on increasing the levels of safety and innovation of products and services by deepening R&D (research and development) activities.


AvEye Ltd. is a pioneer in the production of highly specialized optoelectronic heads intended for use on board unmanned platforms.

The Family of optoelectronic heads “Pure Vision” offered by AvEye provides reliability and accuracy of precise observation during day and night opertations.

Avatar Technologies

Avatar Technologies has launched a training and examination center to prepare candidates for UAVO operators to operate unmanned aerial vehicles of all types and mass categories. The training courses conducted by the center have been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. Highly qualified instructors provide the highest level of training and courses to obtain the state UAVO certificate. The implemented, advanced methods of education make it possible to conduct some courses or training in the form of e-learning. In the near future, the company will become part of the Farada Training Center, where courses and training for airplanes and helicopters will also be conducted.

Avatar Technologies has trained hundreds of operators of unmanned platforms, preparing them to pass a state exam, or helping to raise previously acquired qualifications.