Farada Group in Kielce

Farada Group presented its most important products at the III Aviation Expo Air Fair in Kielce on 11-12.09.2021.

For the first time in history, the Group presented the unmanned Farada G2 aircraft in the transport/medical version. G2 is a large unmanned system equipped with a pushing propeller and four propulsion motors in a multi-rotor system that allow vertical start and landing of the platform. Technology enables to achieve flight time to 6 hours over a distance of up to 600 km. G2 can carry loads such as: blood samples, medicines, organs and body parts intended for transplantation up to 45 kg.

At the Farada Group stand, other innovative solutions were also present, among others BSP G1 in a medical and photogrammetric version, a multi-rotor UAV for medical transport, optoelectronic heads, LED lighting systems dedicated to UAVs, a pitot tube heating module or intelligent “PowerBoard” module for powering large UAVs.

AVIATION EXPO guests had also the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Farada Group training offer, which has been teaching UAV operators at all levels of advancement for years.

Representatives of the group took part in the “Global Drone Conference” and “Technology Law for Aviation Conference” during which they gave professional lectures.

The Farada Group stand enjoyed great interest to visitors, which resulted in several dozen business conversations. Future effects of those meetings are perfectly written in the company’s mission – Let’s make the World better together !