Thanks to the well-established training facilities in the field of military and civil aviation, Farada Group offers training for pilots – operators and instructors of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The Avatar Technologies company belonging to the group provides top-class, experienced instructors and professional UAV education. The training courses comply with the guidelines of the Civil Aviation Authority.

The training include instruction with the use of aircraft and control systems, flight simulators as well as practical ground and pilot training. Training topics include airspace, aerodynamics, meteorology, emergency procedures, flight operations, regulations and safety.

The group offers three levels of training:

Basic courses
Intended for novice operators who start their adventure with unmanned aerial vehicles. The courses allow you to understand the concept and operation of UAVs, applicable regulations, learn about air operations, and learn to use platforms safely for commercial applications.

  • VLOS training – Visual Line Of Sight
  • BVLOS training – Beyond Visual Line Of Sight

Advanced courses
Dedicated to experienced pilots – operators with a Qualification Certificate of the Civil Aviation Authority.

  • INS training
  • Increasing the mass category

Special courses
Tailored training, often focused on specific aircraft or mission types.

  • GIS training (low altitude photogrammetry)